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Premonor makes complete mechanical systems ensuring that the prefabrication workshop reach the maximum percentage that allow paths and transport, thus reducing time and costs of installation in the work.
Premoin has the ability to perform engineering development and design  all kind of projects, alone or in collaboration with regular companies, is the technological support of the Group.
Aplanor has a team of highly specialised in metal surface treatment, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, both in their own facilities, and directly on-site.
Premoz is the new branch created in 2012 to face the growth expected in Mozambique and contribute to the formation and growth of its new industrial fabric.
Prosoftga was created with the purpose of developing integrated systems management software applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises, and has as main objective increase the effectiveness of your company.

Central and Workshops

C./ Parroquia de Guísamo Parcela A-1, Nave 1,
Polígono de Bergondo, 15165 Bergondo - A Coruña
Tlf.: 981 65 03 37 / fax: 981 65 08 29

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