Mechanical assemblies: pipes

montaje tuberiaBased on isometric designs and, where appropriate, previously prefabricated spools Premonor perform detail engineering, Assembly and mounting of pipes, accessories and built-in elements, as well as basic operations of union, following established procedures, interpreting drawings and technical documentation, serving and respecting at all times the rules of quality, environment and occupational risk prevention.

The works are carried out following the most demanding quality standards, and following approved welding procedures TIG, MIG-MAG, SAW, GMAW, GTAW and FCAW.



Aplanor, with media and installations, performs the cleaning brush or sandblasted and anticorrosive treatments with paintings.


Premoin has ability to perform development and engineering design projects of all kinds, alone or in collaboration with regular companies.


Premonor carries out complete mechanical plants ensuring that prefabrication workshop reaches the maximum percentage that allow paths and transport.


Premonor Moçambique Lda , is the new branch created in 2012 to cope with growth expected in that country and contribute to the formation and growth of its new industrial fabric.


Prosoftga develops integrated systems management software applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises.



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ARPPRO is a software application, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software), designed and implemented by Prosoftga


Premonor changed the torch burner to a new one at the Repsol A Coruña Refinery

Premonor changed the torch burner to a new one at the Repsol A Coruña Refinery

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