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ico-dossierp-espEnvironmental Report of the year 2023 (Spanish)

One of the main concerns of PREMONOR S.A. is to ensure the safety of their workers, so each work has a specific Safety Plan adapted to their characteristics contemplating if it is a work in workshop, in soil, in height or with heavy equipment operations.

Safety and health are a right of the worker, and own property and third-party something essential for a good execution, so that all our managers to direct control of staff carried out a safety course and so much to them as to operators are taught courses of prevention of work-related accidents.

Compliance with the Safety Plan is overseen by a qualified safety, and if the work requires it, the work of policymakers is reinforced with full-time supervisors. The ultimate goal of PREMONOR S.A. is zero accidents and always put all our efforts in this.

Our environmental plan complies with legislation to extend it there where we think that there may be damage from pollution.

We put special attention to noise pollution, limiting it to permissible levels, and discharges, especially oils, which are collected to be sent to treatment plants.

The use of toxic products by vaporization are prohibited and harmful as CO2, causing lack of oxygen, controlled by detectors.

All this is reflected in the certification in ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards.

MC MUTUAL granted PREMONOR S.A. Antonio Baró award for occupational risk prevention in 2012.


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