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Premonor, S.A. is a company that has experienced rapid and solid growth since 1999, into a group of companies that operate in various fields and contribute to its consolidation in the market today.

Prefabricación y Montajes del Noroeste S.A. Premonor S.A.-matrix of the group - is a company which main activity is the detail engineering, supply, prefabrication and mechanical assembly of pipelines and static or rotating teams of different mechanical installations. Within this activity, welding, both materials carbon as stainless, austenitic and ferritic steel and alloyed, prominently.

Our company focuses on compliance with deadlines with quality and security required, and diversification, being abundant references in all industrial sectors where fluids need to be transported, with all kinds of materials and with European and American standards.


At Premonor we also have multiple references at turnkey projects coordinating sub-contracting of civil engineering, electricity, insulation, etc.

Subsidiaries and investee companies complete sectors of facilities in building, maintenance, cleaning, painting, water treatment and management software.

Time, quality, safety and respect for the environment mark our objectives, because we know that this is the way to achieve that our clients consider us partners in the resolution of their problems. Agility and confidence, two words that define Premonor and which are the result of offering our customers speed of response, fulfillment of its objectives and a relationship term, quality, extremely competitive price.

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Polígono de Bergondo, 15165 Bergondo - A Coruña
Tlf.: 981 65 03 37 / fax: 981 65 08 29
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